‘Naked’ Walls


Naked, untextured walls in various heights ranging from 15 – 40mm.  Made from double thickness of 2mm MDF.

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Many prefer to texture their own MDF, so here we offer responsive walls in their ‘naked’ state.  No texture, no mucking about!  Just a double layered 2mm MDF, precision laser cut by the boffins, deep in the Outlands Terrain bunker.  These ‘naked’ walls are available is 6 heights rather than specific scales allowing for anything from a garden wall to bunker defenses on your table.  The universal design of the wall kits allows for up to four different height wall sections to be attached to the same post.

Check the description of the wall height kit you’re ordering for the specific kit contents as you get a longer overall lengths of wall, the lower the wall  height.  You’ve guessed it! The lower the wall height, the more we can fit on a sheet.

What do you get in a naked wall kit?

A minimum of 4 sections of wall.  The smaller the wall height, the more you get.

2 end posts per wall section

1 post cap for every end post

The Technician spent a lot of time looking at what was already available and offerings were much of a muchness so he’s taken the best bits and added the Outlands Terrain trademark responsiveness.

Oh and not forgetting….. in addition to the wall kit, you get as much detritus as we can fit on the spare space our standard A4 sheets sensibly allow.

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