Walls, walls and more walls.

Some say ‘The Technician’ can speak fluent Esperanto even though no one else in the world can and he can imitate a 1920’s phone box. All we know at Outlands Terrain is that he operates ‘The Laser’.TEASER THURSDAY!!! Greeting gentlebeings and welcome to a new feature on the Outlands Terrain Sales page and the Outlands Terrain group (hopefully every Thursday).

On a Thursday we shall release images that have been cooked up in mine and ‘The Technician’s’ mind… well some of them as other images are random and bare no resemblance to anything sane. So here are some 3D drawings of the most exciting of terrain… WALLS!

Now I know what you’re saying ‘but Jon, can you really walk backwards for Christmas?’. No hang on a minute that’s not the right question… give us a sec… ah yes now I hear you saying ‘but Jon, walls aren’t exciting’. Well my answer to that is you’re right, they aren’t that exciting. UNLESS they are Outlands Terrain walls where you can knock them down when your Panther tank rumbles into some poor French persons garden or a 25 pdr ranging shot hits it. Behold I give you ‘responsive’ walls.

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